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Il Boom Bed and Breakfast in Rome has three spacious, bright rooms, with high stuccoed ceilings, parquet floors, tastefully decorated, inspired by the...
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amenities amenities
The Boom B&B is authorized by Roma Capitale Tourist Department (Authorization No. 7184), and offers to his guests many amenities included in the...
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Il Boom Bed & Breakfast is located in the First Municipality of Rome (the Historic Centre), at the foot of the Janiculum Hill, in Via Dandolo, in...
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Trees , lights , decorations , travel gifts ... a birth that should not be forgotten! Christmas in Rome On December 25 falls every year on the day of the most important Christian holiday "Christmas " which commemorates the birth of Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem . It's one of the most beautiful festivals in Rome and dresses with lights and Christmas trees , the shops sparkle with their decorations, and gifts to start the race , because even now this party with the passage of time and the years it has unfortunately taken a commercial aspect and you are forgetting the Christian meaning to : a sacred birth that led Jesus to come in close contact with our world forever . And it's a practice as well as decorating the Christmas tree that can be a fir or other evergreen tree ( also synthetic because it can be reused ) with colorful trinkets , lights, and candy, also prepare the crib that has its origins in the Middle Ages , from the Gospels we have known the Annunciation, the birth in the stable , the shepherds who go to worship him ( Luke : 2:8-20 ) and the arrival of the Magi, from all this we started to build our nativity then expanding each , with their imagination , the scenario . Poinsettia flowers and plants typical of Christmas, considered the bearers of good fortune , rejoice Roman houses : holly , mistletoe, holly , poinsettia , and of course these will be the days of nougat , cake, dried fruit. Even the Roman churches prepare their cribs and Masses will be celebrated : the evening Mass on Christmas Eve , followed by Midnight Mass and another on the morning of the next day , put accompanied by liturgical songs including " You come down from the stars." And it's usual even the figure of Santa Claus dispenser of sweets and gifts on the night of Christmas Eve, while the witch who was once acquitted in this task , the figure of Santa Claus has come to us in the nineteenth century when it was already widespread in the USA. The traditional game is Bingo (Tombola), the origin of which seems to be based in ancient Rome during the Saturnalia was tolerated as gambling prohibited in the rest of the year. The custom of exchanging gifts was always a custom in ancient Rome auspicious beginning exchanged olive branches of laurel were later replaced by various objects.